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    Unanswered: Close or supress windows in Window QMF

    I am trying to use the JOB set up on Window QMF to automat the process of data extraction for my customers.

    For this I am deveoping a PROC that runs REXX script (ooREXX) and QMF queries on Window QMF. For processing a customer/Record in my proc, Window QMF open 3 result sets (windows) when running the QMF queries. The job works good when I process about 10 customers as the maximum result set that can be open at a time is 32.

    But when I run proc in my job for many customers, say 30, the job crash in the middle as too many result set windows are opened in the process.

    My process actually do not use the result sets, the process saves the intermediate result on temporary tables on the server (Mainframe). So the result set are displaying but not used in the process. Please see attached program sample.

    My question : Is there a way to close or suppress the result sets?

    If you know a better forum or site to post this question, please let me know.

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