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    Unanswered: combobox behaves as 'locked' in second record on continuous form

    Access 2003:

    the first combobox (Employee) on my main data entry form (f09PickPackNShipSubform) works as intended for record number one, but it then gives a "field cannot be updated" error when I try to use it for the second record.

    i can't think of any reason why this is happening and have checked properties for the control, the form, and the record source for the form. in addition, compacted and repaired the db.

    Access creates one 'locked record' file in the folder I'm using.

    can anyone give me some guidence?

    file attached

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    all the controls on the form appear to work perfectly

    all the controls on the form appear to work perfectly if i take all of the text boxes reading calculations off of the form.

    if i leave the textbox reading the TimeDiff calculation, i still get errors but clicking Ok seems to resolve it.

    would really like to know why this form won't work as i originally set it up.

    i guess i can solve my problem by allowing users to open a 'snapshot' form (same query) showing all the data (inputs and calculations) with no enable controls on it, but i would really rather not have to do it that way.

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