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    Unanswered: suppressing group header


    I have a report with 3 sections.

    -page header
    -group 1 header
    -group 2 header

    I'm only displaying data in group headers, not in details.

    Group 1 shows general data such as total turnover, while group2 shows turnover by country.
    Group2 record is only shown, if condition (turnover by country> 30 percent) is true.

    Now I want to suppress group1 header if no record was found in no country had more than 30% turnover.

    How can I do that?


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    supressing your group headers

    First you need to start by making a formula that calculate the 30% mark, then right click on your GroupHeader 1 section,
    in the options select "Selection Expert" click on the X-2 formula field, enter in {fieldname}>=.30
    In the GroupHeader 2 section, enter in
    {fieldname} <.30
    This will allow to show one or the other.

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