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    Unanswered: simplest database


    I am looking for a database solution with these characteristics:

    - no need for programming language knowledge (basic scripting knowledge is ok)
    - easy, fast, highly-customizable GUI front-end creation

    I just want to store documents (files) for products per manufacturers, to make complete records for each, and then manage these records (eg. check which are complete with all necessary documents and which not, search and filter them, automatically input the correct documents to the relevant record from a pool according to criteria like filename, calculate some dates about when the documents will be available, etc)

    the task is very simple, I could do it in EXCEL, however it cannot support a nice and handy GUI

    I also could do it in MS Access, but I would prefer something more simple


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    anyone please??

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    I won't try to tell you what application development language to use.

    You already seem to know MS Access and, while a number of others will work as well or better, the one you know will get you to your solution faster than one you do not.

    But I will give you some advice...

    Do NOT store the documents themselves within the data tables in the database.
    Doing that would be a bad idea.
    It would cause data table BLOAT and lead to problems.

    Instead store the documents in one or more Windows directories and then store their paths and names in the data table.

    If document access security is a concern, work with your network administrator to limit access to the document directories.

    Also do NOT do even think of doing this in Excel.
    Excel is not an application development language.
    Yes, you can write some VBA code into it and such, but it is too easy for users to mess things up and make everything quit working.
    It is good for creating reports and not much else.

    Good Luck

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    Brilliant Database.

    Quote Originally Posted by databaser View Post
    anyone please??

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