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    Unanswered: Send Report as attachment to email - auto fill "To"

    Access 2010
    I have a report that I created, and I want to hit the Command button on that report to send and email. I have the email part figured out, just dont know how to auto fill the "to" section based on the filter used for the report.
    the report is filtered by "location"
    The location name is at top of the report.
    The location has an email address in the "locations" table that is recorded as "email"
    The email does not appear on the report anywhere but I can add it to the query that filters it and make it invisible if that is easier.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to auto fill the "to"???

    Thanks for the help. Much apreciated.

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    You may want to use a form with a command button on it to send your email. Using a report to pdf module would be a good choice as a pdf document is a more universal document than the access report.

    You could add your location filter or other filters on the form as well.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the help.
    Can you explain how to put the information from the the form into the "to" section.
    I have a button on the report that will email the report in pdf format (I used Macro Builder).
    I am new to access so it may be very simple but I dont know how to do it.

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