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    Question Unanswered: Two + users creating/maintaining an Access 2003 simultaneously.


    I have given the task to create an Access database for my work which will have multiple forms that are inter-department specific. I have one co-worker that wishes to help design the database with me and we are trying to work on the database simultaneously, but it will not let us create forms while someone else is in the database. I have gone into Tools>Options>Advanced>Default open mode>Shared and that did not change the issue. I had read something about using the Linked Table Manager, but found out that feature was not installed on our version of Access. Is there a way to have Access allow us to do so?

    Much appreciated!

    - Kevin

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    I don't think the Linked Table Manager would help, though I'd be surprised if it wasn't installed. To my knowledge, it's simply part of the Access install. It would be used to maintain links to a data file, not manage multiple designers.

    I don't think you can do what you're trying to do. If you both want to work on it at the same time, I'd probably create a copy of the db for one of you, and then import any new/revised objects into the original. It would be a bit of a juggling act to keep track, but it should work.

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