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    Unanswered: Inserting data into one database from another database

    I have two databases im working with, one is our public database GRM_Public, and the other is our production database GRM_Prod.

    I'm trying to import data from a field called 'oldscreencodes1' from GRM_Prod.Transfer table into a field called 'Sale1Type' in GRM_Public.Real_land table.

    For some reason I can't get this to work, I have in the past imported datatables from our production DB to our public DB by using 'insert into' but I've never inserted data into a single field within a datatable and I think I'm over thinking this process.

    Is a 'join' necessary in order to accomplish this?

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    on the wrong server
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    what error are you experiencing?
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    Changing a single field of an existing row is an update. Creating a whole new row is an insert. Are you doing an insert, or an update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian566 View Post
    I've never inserted data into a single field within a datatable and I think I'm over thinking this process.
    Look up in BOL or google positional and ordinal inserts. Or are you really just updating the column in destination table?

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    ah ha, I need to use update, 'sale1type' is a new field I created within the GRM_public.real_land table that will store the sale code for each record/row for property that has sold.

    Only our production database stores these sales codes so I'm tryingn to import these into out public database for each parcel in the real_land table. I'll modify my query using update and I'll let you know if I have any problems.

    Thank You.

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    Ya would be really helpful to see your code

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    update real_land
    set sale1type=grm_prod.dbo.transfer.oldscreencode1
    from real_land inner join grm_prod.dbo.transfer
    on real_land.lrsn=Grm_prod.dbo.transfer.lrsn
    where sale1d=grm_prod.dbo.transfer.pxfer_date

    Here's my code.

    I was able to get the sale codes imported in to our public database with ease using this script. Thanks for the help

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