Hi Guy's (Newbee first post)

I am trying to dynamically update 3 tables using 1 form

All table keys are auto incremented so i am thinking I dont need to include the tble Id's in my queries

(If I do then how as numbers are already uniquely generated)

The code I am using is as follows

            insertCommand.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Owner VALUES ('" & tbxFirstName.Text & "', '" & tbxLastName.Text & "')"

            insertCommand.CommandText &= "INSERT INTO CD VALUES ('" & tbxArtist.Text & "', '" & tbxAlbum.Text & "')"

            insertCommand.CommandText &= "INSERT INTO CDTracks VALUES ('" & tbxTrackName.Text & "')"
When I run this code I get the following error

SqlException was unhandled

Column name or number of supplied valuesdoes not match table definition

any help wolud be massively appreciated