It's been a while, but I'm back and I need expert help. I'm still with the Army, and I'm still working on the same database I've mentioned in previous posts.

Currently, the offices I'm working in use Office 2007 SP2, Windows 7 32-bit.

The database I've created has evolved beautifully (thanks again to this forum). And now that SharePoint is becoming more of a big thing Army-wide, I now have all the calendar functionality I could possibly dream of.

The last hurdle is forms, and form filling. Despite all the replicas of forms that I can create, it doesn't measure up to using the real forms that the Army uses (why? ... digital signatures). In addition, IBM Lotus Forms Viewer doesn't have any interface (that I know of) to easily form fill from a data source.

My request is to have a script run and accomplish the following tasks:

- establish a global hotkey (such as CTRL + V or something)
- upon pressing the global hotkey the clipboard is read and typed in the active window.

Unfortunately I don't have the ability to script this myself. I can get the data in the right order with TABs in the right locations, I can load the form automatically, I just can't assign that temporary hotkey with that kind of function.

I know this is an ugly fix, but this is as close as I know how to get to actual form filling.

Thanks for any advice or help!