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    Smile Creating event-list using open source?

    Hi there,

    this is Ray from Germany! I'm in a group of volunteers who publish a magazine for permaculture related topics.

    We want to create an event calendar in a running text. Title, location, time, etc. In the backend we want to use a database (maybe mySQL) to keep track and maybe extent our calendar online.

    Which report tools achieve a running text output (not only textboxes with fixed width) which is easy to customize?

    Example Output:

    Day DD MM
    Title 1st event:Description. Startdate, Enddate, Location, Contact

    Title 2nd event:Description. Startdate, Enddate, Location, Contact

    Day DD MM
    Title 1st event:Description. Startdate, Enddate, Location, Contact
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    60 Views but no idea? Is my question clear?

    It doesn't have to be open source or freeware. Which software can I use to produce running text output?

    I'm quite new in database related topics so I would be glad to find my answer here!

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    out on a limb
    there's two separate elements
    one is how the data is stored and manipulated
    .. the storage part is easy enough, seemingly you have chosen MySQL
    the other is how the data is presented
    ..the reality is that without knowing how you are going to present the data no one can give you an answer. the reason being that what you want to do is easy enough to do, but it depends on many factors

    what tools do you have at your disposal
    is this a web application or a conventional PC application
    is this a multi user application

    the detail of display often depends on the publishing medium (eg web, intranet, single PC)

    you need to decide who is going to consume this information and then design an appropriate mechanism to reach that audience

    if you go down the Web approach then a natural fit could be PHP + MySQL. if you go down the intranet route then a conventional compiled or semi compiled langauge, such as .NET, Delphi and so on could be appropriate. if its a single PC or few users then something like Access, filemaker or open office could be appropriate.

    to summarise
    yes you can do it, but there is no clear definitive answer that anyone could give you without more information
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