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    Unanswered: Learning the nuts and bolts

    Using this forum has opened my eyes to just how versatile you can make your own database -even more so when you get into adding your own VB code (thank you forum uses for previous help on this).

    My question is this: For the casual user who wants to learn more about the code/programming side; where do you begin? Are there any good reference books/on-line tutorials you can recommend?

    Any pointers on this would be much appreciated!


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    I won't enter into anything specific here. There are many books, courses, sites that are excellent and can help you improve yours skills in working with Access.

    As a general guideline, I would say that there are (at least) 5 domains in which you can invest some of your time and energy:

    1. Theory: Logic, Algorithms, Object programming, Event programming, Set theory, Relational database theory and normal forms.
    2. Access object model: Properties, methods and events of the Forms, Reports, Controls.
    3. Data access objects: DAO objects (Workspace, Database, Tabledef, Querydef, Recordset, etc.), ADODB objects (possibly).
    4. The VB/VBA programming language and its implementation in Access.
    5. The SQL language (at least its Jet subset).
    Have a nice day!

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