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    Unanswered: Duplicate name in query - can I stop this

    When I run a query the client details appear several times

    for example

    evans 2/3/1977 house
    evans 2/3/1977 house
    evans 2/3/1997 house

    I only need the client to appear once

    so how do I filter this so that the client appears once

    I would normally build the query via "query design View"then"build" then "expression builder"
    Thanks for reading this

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    It's hard to provide a precise answer without seeing the SQL statement of the query. Several reasons can explain why some rows are duplicated and, depending on the actual reason, the solution to avoid the duplication can be quite different (DISTINCT, GROUP BY, ...).

    Please post the SQL statement of the query, as well as basic information about the tables involved (name, column names, data types).
    Have a nice day!

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