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    Unanswered: Paradox 11 on network

    Although my office has had Paradox for some time, we have never used it before, so I am a neophyte. We have Paradox 11 installed on the 3 PCs in my department. I have started a database of closed files that we have scanned onto a network hard drive (destroying the paper originals and maintaining the files only in electronic form). The database contains things such as the file number, client name, matter, etc. so the we can search the database to find the identity of the electronic file when we need to access it.

    Anyway, the problem is this: I set up the database, the table is on the same network drive as the closed file scans. I can pull it up on my computer to add additional files, locate scanned files, etc. However, we cannot open the table on the other two computers in the department. Neither going from the Paradox program on either of them, or by locating the table file on the network hard drive and double-clicking on it (which then opens Paradox, since the file is recognized as a Paradox file). We just get a message that says "Unable to open table."

    Help! We need for any of the computers in the department to be able to access this database, either to add data to the table, or to look up data already on the table. Since we're new to Paradox, we have no clues. Are we doing something wrong, or is there something else we need to be doing? Does Paradox need to be installed to the network hard drive where the table and scanned files are located and run from there? Any assistance appreciated.

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    yes, you can install paradox on each machine.. step two is to configure the BDE so that each instance uses the same shared network control file, and uses the same shared data folders.. and on that point, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, which is why nothing works

    as with almost every thread here, I give the same advice.. go to the "paradox community" web site / news server, for paradox support.. that's where all the paradox folks hang out.. obviously, nobody that posts here ever reads any other message before posting, or you'd already know that, too

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    crsharpe, I have Paradox running on a large network and would be happy to offer assistance.


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