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    Unanswered: Calculate Hours Bonus

    hi guys.
    hmm, I'm from Brazil and my english is not the best but I would ask your help to solve a problem.
    I would like to calculate the value in sql command hours.

    Hours = 01:30:00
    vl_Time = $ 12.00

    bonus = $ 18.00

    Pliss, help me.

    The field Hours is of type time(6) without zone and the field vl_Time is of type numeric (10,2).


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    what are the data types for hours and vl_time ?

    Assuming that hours is a timestamp data type, I would try something like:
    select hours, vl_time, date_part('hour', hours) * vl_time as bonus 
    from your_table
    where _____
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