Hi, Just would like to ask for help for the xquery that I need to use for the xml string below to populate my table with the following dimension. This means that for each manager, I can have more than 1 row (depending on the number of staff) as I have flattened the table to eliminate joins on multiple table vars. Sorry, I just couldn't get my xquery right.
Finally, if I have my xsd, how do I validate an xml input such as above with sql?
Many thanks.

Manager      Name      Type      Staff
declare @myOrg xml
set @myOrg = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <Type>Full Time</Type>
        <Purpose>Subdivision 1 Shadow</Purpose>
        <Description>Project Management, Operations</Description>
        <FullName>Martin Fuller</FullName>
          <Staff>H1 Level 4, 345Y</Staff>
          <Staff>H1 Level 4, DS23</Staff>