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    Unanswered: which oracle client

    Hi guys

    I have a HPUX Itanium ia64 machine which has Oracle 10g installed on it. I also have a Windows 7 64 bit PC that I work from. I was trying to decide which Oracle client to use.
    I checked the Oracle website and on their Oracle database software downloads page

    HTML Code:
    I can see the section headed:
    Oracle Database 10g Release 2
    Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Enterprise Edition

    I've tried all the windows clients both x86 and x64 but only
    Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows seems to work.

    I would have thought that having a Win7 64 bit OS, I would need the x64 client but it doesn't install.

    Which client would you recomend?


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    Oracle SQL Developer Downloads

    SQL Developer is self contained & can access the remote DB
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