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    Question Unanswered: Using Handheld Device

    We have a Handheld Device with the follwoing main configurations details:

    Application Set-up: We have our on-line application system developped in Oracle9i Forms / Reports. This application is well accesible on a PC client through browser. We know when we access the above applicaiton through PC client, it first loads the JINITIATOR on client machine & then forms are open.

    I may like to know do we have anything like JINITIATOR for Handheld Device specially for PDT for above S/w environmet??. The purpose is that, we want to access our on-line applicaiton system from Handheld Device.

    Please guide me in this regard. Any utitlity like Jinitiator which could be downloaded from any web-site and using that i may able to access our application system.

    Waiting for ur expert opinion in this regard. In case if u need any clarificaiton, i would be glad to provide you the same.


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    I don't know, but maybe you'll find something useful here: [url=]Mobile Application Development with Oracle ADF Mobile[/code].

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