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    Unanswered: How to make an active checkbox in a report?

    I have a form that runs a query that automatically opens a report. My report includes a checkbox field that correlates to each entry. I want the checkbox to be active in the report. Is there a way to do this?

    I want to be able to double check the document attached to every entry and then check the box when it has been checked. However, I want the checkbox to be usable on the report so the user doesn't have to go into the table to check it. Right now, the checkbox is only an image and isn't interactive on the report.

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    Forms are designed for entering/editing data, Reports are designed to display/print data, and never the twain should meet! Controls are only 'interactive,' in this sense, in Tables, Forms or Queries.

    And end users should never be allowed to 'go into the table!' Users should only enter/change data through Forms or Queries!

    Your review needs to take place in a Form or Query and then print your Report.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Is there another way to do what I want to do? I understand that I could just have my form run my query and then check the box from the query, but there is no way to make a query look like a report (more readable and easier to navigate).

    How would I go about making a form appear for each entry in the query? Like you hit run query from the form and it opens another form that has the entry where you can check the box, and then you hit the next button for the next entry?

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