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    Unanswered: How do I produce one Subreport for each Employee? No of Employees changes

    How do I produce the same number of Subreports as there are Employee records in one query that drives my subreports?

    Here is what I have: one parameter query that produces records based on employee performance and shows a list of tasks that each employee has performed over a period of time. Multiple records for each employee when there are multiple tasks for that employee given the parameters which are two dates.

    I want to produce a subreport for each employee that lists tasks of various kinds. Tasks may repeat. Subreport will have its own heading and totals/weighted averages in the footer.

    Subreport will 'filter' on EmployeeID (I think).

    My main report for each set of employee subreports will be various (three) company locations.

    How do I set up a filtering subreport (inside each main report) for each employee given that the number of employees is variable?

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    my plan

    on this one i will just make a certain number of subreports that gives me some breathing room; such as, make about 30 subreports if there are currently approx 25 current employees. use code to "zero suppress" any subreports that have no data.

    i'll report back on this when i get it done. right now have other tables, queries, forms, and reports to make.

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