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    Unanswered: to remove default close button

    How can we remove the "close", "minimize" and "restore" buttons that are normally seen in the right upper corner of a pup up window of a form? in other words, I want the user to be able to close the form only by the “close button” that i insert on the form.

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    why are you making so much trouble for yourself?

    you are moving away from the standard Access forms, meaning that you need to do things differently, replace Access default code with code of your own.

    this means you have moire code to test, more training effort for your users. the way you are going you'd probably be better off using one of the .NET languages to develop your application.

    however if you feel you must be a masochist then look at the forms properties
    select the rectangle to the left of the form header, then right click to show properties
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    Actually there's all kinds of reasons for using custom controls for these actions, which is why Access allows you to turn off the native controls!

    In Form Design View, with the Form itself selected, go to Properties - Format and set the Close Button Property to No. You can also do the same, from the same location, for the Min/Max button, Navigation Buttons, etc.

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    Hope this helps!

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