I have a non-consistent error occuring in my Access database. I have a table which has been created by linking to an Excel file. I wrote a query on the table with criteria on two fields: one of the fields has an code letter (Y, D, or N) and the other has dates. My criteria is to look for records with a "D" and a date on or before 5/8/2012.

As such, my criteria is:




The query works properly for a few tries before I get an error:

"You cannot record your changes becasuse a value you entered violates the settings defined for this table or list (for example, a value is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum). Correct the error and try again."

If I enter design mode and cut and paste the date criteria and RUN it works, again for a couple or few times before I get the same error.

Very odd, it seems to defy logic that without changing anything it will fail moments after a successful run.

Any thoughts?