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    Unanswered: Homework assistance please!

    Hey Guys!

    Firstly sorry if this a fairly basic question but i need to try and figure this out, i am in the process in creating small database as a project and so in the lookup panel in design view i need be able to have multiple column counts and i was wondering if there was a to chose particular rows which i need?

    Thanks for the help!!

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    I can only speak for me, but I don't have the slightest idea of what you mean. Care to elaborate?
    Have a nice day!

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    Hi Sinndho,

    Apologies for the poor explaination, I am on microsoft access 2012 and what i am currently doing is creating a database based upon some coursework, i am using the lookup feature which comes along the design view, in the lookup feature there is an option that says "Column Count" and so what i want to do with that is to see if i can use multiple columns for example i have 10 columns and i only want to display 4,7 and 9 so i am wondering if there is anything i should type just to display those in particular or if its even possible?

    It may help if i say that it is in the section of validation etc...

    Once again my apologies if this doesnt help either.

    Many Thanks

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    column count... sounds like you are creating a combo or list box control and defining hte number of columns to be displayed in that list box

    however I dont' know as I avoid using the lookup wizard as its fine for very small applications however its ease of use is soon outweighed by its limitations. far better to use another table to act as your lookup.


    say you have a table of Products
    in it you define product types. if you go down the convetioanl Access lookup wizard approach you'd bang in whatever product types you think you need, deploy the applciation and away y'go

    however if a new product type is required you have toi make changes to the underlying lookup wizaard. if you instead create a table called, say, ProductTypes, with a realtionship from Products to ProductTypes on column Type then any changes to types are changes to data requiring no development changes. lookup wizards are also notorious for not being especially user friendly in reports and forms
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