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    Unanswered: Subform within a subform not recognised

    Speakers Table
    Speakers/Presentations Join table
    Presentations Table
    Presentation/Session Join table
    Sessions Table

    The idea is that on the speakers form there is a presentations subform where each presentation a speaker will do can be entered. WITHIN this presentations subform there is then another subform (sessions) so that a the time and place of each presentation can be selected. At present, the first subform works but the inner one isn't recognized.

    The Presentations subform is based on a query gathering information from the Speakers/Presentations join table & Presentations table (this works fine).

    The subform within the presentations subform is based on a query gathering information from Presentation/Session join table and sessions table. This doesn't work. The information in this subform isn't recognized by its parent form. When information is entered into the form, I get the following error message:

    "The LinkMasterFields property setting has produced this error: 'The object doesn't contain the automation object 'pres/speak_Join'."

    I've tried playing around with master and child fields until I'm blue in the face but no luck! Any help much appreciated!

    Stripped down database downloaded at this url.




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    Hmm just remade all the tables and seems to work now :P

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