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    Unanswered: Updating from combobox

    I'm new, have read not to use lookup fields in table design. How do I update from combobox in form. My tables are Employee and EmployeeJobDescription, I want to use combobox on frmEmployee to choose EmployeeJobDescription and insert into Employee table. Fields in EmployeeJobDescription are EmployeeJobDescriptionID as Primary Key Data Type AutoNumber and EmployeeJobDescription Data Type Text. Field to update in Employee is EmployeeJobDescription Data Type Text.

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    have a table for JobTypes
    in that table have say a type(code) and description
    in your Employees table define a column called say JobType making it the same type and size as the type column in JobTypes
    then define a relationshuip between JobTypes and Employees
    then when you design your Employees form create a combo or list box using the control wizard, whose record source is JobTypes but whose bound column is the JobType in Employees.
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