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    Unanswered: How to protect our access database?

    How can we hide the left pane and make the tables, queries and reports password protected so that user is only able to work with forms? Moreover I want forms to be only used and be protected from being re-designed.

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    It depends on the version of Access you use, among other things.

    1. Split the database on the Front-end/Back-end schema.
    2. Password-protect the code.
    3. Compile to an mde (or the equivalent for Access 2007-2010).
    4. Disable several settings (use of the Shift key at startup, etc.)

    Strategies for Securing an Access Database - Office 2000 Resource Kit -
    Steps to Securing an Access Database by Using User-level Security | Database Solutions for Microsoft Access |
    Securing an Access Database
    Securing an Access Database [AVDF Access Article]
    Using MS Access

    Note: As far as data (tables) are concerned, you'll never reach the level of security and data integrity you could have using a "true" server such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
    Have a nice day!

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