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    Unanswered: Is there an active Paradox forum for tech questions anywhere?

    I have several technical questions about using Paradox with Windows 7. I know just how to solve my application problem with Interactive Paradox but can't get Paradox to go above 1% CPU utilization on my new hex-core machine, or to get more than 4 million (very short) records in Paradox even though I've set everything in BDE to the right values.

    However, Steve Green seems to be the only user of this forum (thank you very much!) and the forum he refers everybody to (Home - Paradox Community) hasn't had a new entry since January 2009 AFAI can tell. Google turns up other forums, but they don't seem to have any activity either.

    So is there anyplace left to talk about this oldy but goldy system? For me, Paradox and its QBE features have been perfect for decades (I started with Paradox for DOS in the 1980's), and I'd rather not have to learn a completely new dbms just for one project with odd parameters.

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    thanks.. go to the place I told you to go.. go to the Support / Newsgroups section.. we're all posting there (and on the old-fahioned newsgroups via there) every day.. you can't just look at the home page
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    I can verify that good tech info can still be had on the Paradox newsgroups. Denn Santoro is another excellent Paradox programmer who lurks there, and has helped me keep my Paradox database stable in a large network for many years.


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