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    Unanswered: Creating a series in Excel 2007


    I'm trying to fill in an automatic series of number in a column, but excel doesnt recognize the pattern, and therefore doesnt complete the series correctly.

    I have data in C1:C467. In column D, next to each cell from column C i want Excel to write down a specific number that only changes every 8 cells.
    For example: in rows D18, the number 1 will appear. In rows D916 the number 2 will appear, in rows D17:24 the number 3 will appear..... all the way down to D467.

    Is there anyway of doing it automatically?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    This solution requires that you enter the first value and the formula does the rest. Enter the value 1 in cell D1, then copy this formula to all the rows below it, in column D.
    The value will be incremented by 1 after every 8 rows.


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    Thank you very much with your help on this one as well, its working great!

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