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    Unanswered: Table Configuration

    Novice working with SQL Compact 3.5 Neglected to configure "identity" to true. What is the best practice to redo this... Can the ContactID table simply be deleted? The database was created while in Visual Studio 2008 Team System. Image attached. Guidance sought
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    Live by the GUI, die by the GUI.

    Anyway, if there is no data in the table, you can pretty easily drop and recreate it.

    If there is data in the table, it gets a little more complex.

    If there are less than a few thousand rows of data in the table, you can easily update the identity property using SQL Server Management Studio. In the background, this is going to drop all constraints (foreign and primary key), create a new table with the identity property, transfer the data over, then add back all the constraints. If the table has 10's of thousands of rows, you may see the save operation taking a long time, depending on the table structure, and how good the server is.

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    Revised Issue

    Much thanks for the timely reply. Since the post I have gotten a few steps further and so the question is ammended. I have completed the tables in the excercise and, in spite of the reading, I am not sure how to add data e.g. contact name, address, etc. I have uploaded images of the excercise and what I am seeing.!577

    I am working with SQL Server Compact 3.5 though Visual Studio 2008 Team System. It is my hope that the images can clarify my circumstances.

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