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    Unanswered: need help with DB architecture

    i want to build correct, efficient, and flexible data base (in sql 2005.)
    Currently this is the situation:

    i have companies.
    i have candidates that want to work to some of the companies.
    i have the jobs for each candidate (that want to work in a company)
    i have tasks that need to specific candidate in the job in company.

    so, company --/-> candidate. candidate--/-> company.
    because can be the same candidate in different company or the same company with 2 diffrenet candidate.

    And, job--/-> candidate. candidate --/-> job.
    because can be the same candidate in 2 jobs. or the same job to 2 different candidate.

    And, task--/-> company, task--/-> job, task--/-> candidate.
    campany--/> task, job--/> task, candidate--/> task.

    I need very flexible data base, so eventually i could extract data (and any connection) by queries..
    I'm very undecided about which tables to save? what connection to do (many to many..) with which table?
    can u please help me about the architecture of the DB?
    what do u recommand to this situation?
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    Suggest you search the web as there are many, many database structures posted. Keep in mind the structure needs to be similar to what you want - it does NOT need to be the exact same kind of information.

    It also does not need to be an SQL Server structure. . .

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