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    Unanswered: number records

    how to number records in a report generated from a query

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    Number records according to which criteria (i.e. what determines the order of numbering)?
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    what value should this number have, what is its purpose or meanng
    if its in a report then consider placing some code behind the forms events
    place a control on the report where you require it, almost certainly the reports detail section.

    declare a variable at the top of the reports code module
    if you want an ascending number set a value for that variable in the forms on load event
    then in the detail on format event add one to that varaibel and assign the value of that variable to the control you created earlier

    if you want to have blocks starting at one in each grouping then reset the value of the variable to zero in each relevant group header

    if you want the number of records in the report and or block then place a control in the relevent footer and assign the value as = count(mycontrolname) where mycontrolname is the name of the control you created in the reports detail
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