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    Angry Unanswered: File Not Found error

    Hi. Yesterday I was working in my database in Access 2010 and I noticed a form called Booknotes that I no longer needed so I added a dash to the name just in case it would break something if I deleted it. Today I was testing my database and clicked on a button which uses vb and recieved the error "File Not Found". In fact none of the events that use vb work anymore.

    I figured out that it was this Booknotes- form. The Class Object existed in Visual Basic but the form didn't exist in Access. Either I deleted it afterall or something else weird occured. The problem is, I can't get rid of this error message. I have tried recreating the form but it won't let me build a module from Access, and I can't open it in Visual Basic. Nothing seems to work.

    Is this a case of rebuilding my database because it is corrupt or does anyone know of a possible fix? I have a previous version but I have made quite a few changes so it would be good to fix this version if possible.



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    You should try to:
    1. Create a new (empty) database.
    2. Import the objects you want to keep from the presumed corrupted database into the new one.
    3. Open the VBA Editor and compile the project in the new database.
    Have a nice day!

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