We are using PG 8.1. I have a user E1L9191, all lowercase, e1l9191, that is in the login group 3 times. I want to drop this user. I am unable to drop this user using sql, psql or even the PGAdmin tool. I get the error "ERROR: role "el19191" does not exist", yet when I do a \du, that user shows up 3 times,
when I use sql, querying pg_shadow, that user shows up 3 times, and it shows up 3 times in the drop down for PGAdmin. I get the same error no matter way I try and drop the user. I have done a 'length' on it to make sure there were no hidden spaces in the name, and length matches the username.
I do not see why PG would allow a username to be created 3 times. They each have a different IOD. Any help is appreciated.