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    Unanswered: general error message

    This question is for Windows 2008R2 / 64 bit DB2 9.5

    I need to look through two logs for a general error message and if found email that there was an error.

    The log will only have run stats and a reorgs in them:


    DB20000I The RUNSTATS command completed successfully.

    reorg table DB2USER.BUSPROF

    DB20000I The REORG command completed successfully.

    What's a general error message that I could look for?

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    That is a peculiar way to arrange for email alerting on errors!
    (normally the script or procedure that invokes Runstats or Reorg would test the exit-code (return-code) for success or failure and react accordingly).

    If either the runstats or reorg commands fail then you will not see a DB20000I token in the first non-blank line following the RUNSTATS command (or REORG command). So you could parse for "the absence of a success message" after each command.

    i.e You could parse the first non-blank line that follows each RUNSTATS line and if its first token is different from DB20000I then you have a potential problem (i.e. some kind of error or warning) that you might want to email.

    Simiarly you could use the same logic for the non-blank line following each REORG line.

    DB2 commands can fail (or give warnings) for many reasons, there is not a "general" error message.
    You can distinguish between a warning and an error (the first token on a warning line might end with a W, while the first token on an error message line might end with N).

    You might need to be able to deal with a situation that a command was still in progress (i.e. there is no line following the command), if that can arise in your setup.

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