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    Question Unanswered: Postgre SQL 9.1.3 server installation error (database cluster initialization failed)

    I have a problem during Postgres installation on Windows 7 x64 SP1:
    one of the last steps fails ([POSTGRE PATH]/installer/server/initcluster.vbs).

    postgresql installtion error -
    Imageshack - errordk.png

    I have the same operating system and I have never experienced this issue.
    The strange thing about this problem is that I've managed to reproduce it with earlier versions of installer (9.0 etc).

    I've already checked the TCPI/UPD ports already in use - 5432 is free. The service started manually from services.msc fails to initialize, while by tweaking some commandline switches I've managed to start it, but still it misbehaves (I suppose because the installation is incomplete).

    I've also attached an HTML report of programs installed on that PC (it might be useful).
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