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    Unanswered: Hyperlinks "Cannot open file"

    Dear all

    I am using Excel 2003 and I am using a hyperlink to link to other spreadsheets in different folders and drives.

    When I create the hyeprlink it works great first time. I then save and close the document containing the hyperlinks

    When I re-open the spreadsheet and click on the hyperlink I am met with the message "Cannot open file"

    Does anyone know why I can no longer thne open the hyperlink and why the link may be broken?

    Many Thanks for any advice


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    Try this.

    File->Properties->Summary Tab->Hyperlink Base
    Change it to something that's always available E.g. C:\

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    Generally such problems will occur when you change the file location. So make sure that those files which you hyper linked in your excel sheets are at same place. If you change their location then you have to change hyper links as well.

    Also, there is a chance that those files were got corrupted so please scan those files with an updated anti-virus software.

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