Hi, all!
Need to have about 10 DBs working on one server.
3 of them (10GB, 3GB, and 3GB .MDF files) are intensively used, while other 7 (kind of same sizes) are used on need, usually for some reports creation.

I have a server (HP DL360G7, 24GB memory) with 8 SAS:
2 * 300GB, 10k
6 * 146GB, 15K

My plan is:

OS: Raid1 (2 * 300GB, 10k)
.MDL files: Raid1 (2 * 146GB, 15K)
.MDF files: Raid10 (4 * 146GB, 15K)

Questions are:
is my plan ok? and
isn't better not to have one Raid10, but maybe two Raid1, for distribute different data bases on different physical disks?

On actual server (G5) all databases are on Raid5 and there are some I/O issues.

Thank you!