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    how can i connect aform from microsoft access to atable in mysql.

    how can i connect aform from visual basic 6.0 to atable in mysql

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    A lot depends on your MySQL version. You seem to be dealing with VERY old software, so that affects the answer or answers that we can give.

    If you are running MS-Access 2003 or later, then you can use ODBC or OLE-DB to connect to MySQL and then treat it like other databases for most operations. If you are running an earlier version of MS-Access, then the answer will vary based mostly on the version of MS-Access, but also on the version of MySQL.

    VB 6.0 was usually used with MySQL 3.x, so I'll assume that is what you are using. Read up on the DAO features provided with VB 6.0, and find out what ODBC settings are needed to access your MySQL database. There are many possibilities, far too many for me to give step by step directions for how to make a connection.

    If you have a choice, I'd strongly recommend that you update to more current software. VB 6.0 is pretty old, and it limits your ability to get help with problems like this.

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