I'm glad to inform you of new AccessImagine release.
Version 1.30 supports 64-bit Office and WIA sources (scanners, cameras and mobile phones).

Here is quick feature reference: browse and load, drag-n-drop, paste from clipboard, aquire from scanner or web-cam images right to database, in-place cropping tool, undo, old OLE data support, display HTTP (web) images, JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG file formats support, store images in JPEG format to save space, external image storage with automatic maintaince, anti-aliased image display, automatic resampling, continuous forms solution, on-click full-screen image display fitted to screen or with panning tool, opens image on-click in editing application, 90 degrees image rotating, VBA scripting image manipulations, SQL Servers and .NET languages support, x64.

You can read more and download easy picture control here: AccessImagine - Microsoft Access image control.

Have a nice Access ;-)