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    Database Design Local Football (Soccer) Team

    Hi All

    I play football (Soccer) for a local team. Last season we had trouble organising 3 teams, we didnt know which players were going to turn up who and where we are playing etc.

    therefore i am taking it upon myself to try and improve this situation.

    In the long run i would like to design a system that would be online. Displaying next opponents, recent fixtures, results, formation of upcoming game, who will be playing, whos available to play etc.

    However i need a little advice on the design of the database where i would draw all this info from.

    We have 2 teams 1st team and 2nd team
    Each team has set players however any player can play for any team at any time
    Each team has different fixtures
    Each team has a different formation
    Any player can play in any position in any fixture

    Therefore i have drawn up an ERD diagram with the following tables


    Team has 1 to many link to all the other tables
    Fixtures has 1 to many link to formation
    Formation has a 1 to many link to players

    However i am not quite sure whether this is the best layout.

    i have done the following ERD for my proposed database however i am unsure if this is the best method, I just want to be as correct as possible before i start ploughing on with the programming of the database etc.

    Any help appreciated!

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    I have also justnoticed this would not relate a player to a specific position in a formation. It is just adding them to the tactic.

    To resolve this would i need to remove PlayerID from the Tactic Table

    and put PlayerID as a foreign key in the Positions table?

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