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    Unanswered: Help with dBase IV

    i have mistakenly made some changes in .dbf file (opening through MS Excel 2007). After saving its structure changed and it is no more useful. File is used as a database for Fact Software. S/w is not able to open the file and has stopped working. how can i retrieve the original dBase file. (file was created using visual foxpro)

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    Save the excell version as a csv or tab delimited copy. Then restore a backup of the dbf and use either foxpro or dbaseIV to zap the backup and load the csv file. You may also need a way to re-create the indexes.

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    What has already been suggested is a good approach.

    But another somewhat 'kludgy' approach would be to use Excel 2000/2003

    Using your Excel 2007, open the file that you saved.
    Then do a SaveAs into Excel 2000/2003 format.
    Open the file with Excel 2000/2003.
    Highlight only those Rows & Columns which have data in them. (No extra blank columns nor extra blank rows)
    Then do a SaveAs into the DBF4 format.

    NOTE columns which have numeric values or numeric appearing values (Zipcodes, Phone Numbers, etc) will be saved as Numeric DBF Field values unless you take extra steps to prevent it.

    Basically you should NEVER make changes to a DBF file with another application like Excel. While it can be used to VIEW data, it is much too easy to corrupt the DBF file unless you REALLY know how to prevent it.

    Good Luck

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