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    Question Unanswered: DB2 procedures

    Hi !

    I have a stored procedure where i need to do error handling.

    I am doing a DML operation in stored procedure.

    If for eg if the DML operation is getting failed i need to update the status in logging table.

    Can u pls help

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    You will need to declare a condition handler. More details in the manual: Compound SQL (compiled)

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    Can you tell me in short of the syntax.

    Am just doing some Insert operation in stored procedure.. The insert operation can get failed due to constraints issue or connectivity problem or for any other reason ..

    If the insert operation got failed i need to have some error handling where i will update user defined logging table that the procedure is failed.

    Pls help me experts..

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    It is much wiser to help yourself ....

    If your DB2-server is on Windows look at the many helpful examples in directory
    "\program files\ibm\sqllib\samples\sqlpl"

    If your DB2-Server is on Linux/Unix look for the same samples in

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