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    Unanswered: Database Access Page (DAP) help Access 03

    Hi all,

    I've recently found the DAP side of access and had a bit of fun playing with it (as I have previous experience using html)

    I've hit a little snag though, I've created a summary page in DAP to display information using a query.

    I was hoping to use the ID number off a loaded page to set the variable of the query to return the correct data in the DAP but all I get are "#Name?" error messages?

    Any advice appreciated.

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    I'd be cautious about using DAP for anything. IIRC its no longer supported. fine if you already have DAP applications but I'd be nervous about investing time, effort and money for a new project.

    Can't quite remember what the proposed replacement for DAP is, it may well be that runtime is now Free of Charge that MS would propose that.
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