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    Unanswered: telephone field input mask - worldwide phone numbers

    I need to have a telephone field where phone numbers could be from outside the US. Is there an input mask that I can use that will handle US numbers and other numbers? Or should I not have an input mask at all and require people to type in the number with formatting already in it?

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    nope there isn't
    becuase there isn't a single global standard for telephone numbers. int he UK there's at least 2 possibly 3 formats
    some phne numbers can be spellt, all are based on numbers
    some countries allow for punctuation, some don't
    some allow brackts, some don't

    short of storing the relevant formats for mask on a by country basis I'd igniore the idea of a format mask, but validate to make certain only valid symbols are used 0..9 and +
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