Hi Guys,
i need help to design a database,
what am suppose to do is this
1. need to measure the availability of a telecom devices on different locations daily,
the locations have sub locations or areas, the area/sub locations have different telecom devices and the telecom devices have to be check if they are in good shape or working.
first i have the location table,sublocation table,devices table and deviceLocationLink table,
location table
locationID int autoincrement PK.
locationName varcher(20).

sublocation table
subLocationID int auto_increment PK.
locationID int FK.
sublocationName varchar(20).

device table
deviceID int auto_increment PK.
deviceName varchar(20).

deviceLocationID int auto_increment PK.
deviceID int FK.
locationID int FK.
sublocationID int FK.

that's all i can do don't know what to do anymore i need help to continue fron here.