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    Question Unanswered: Having problems writing formula can do it in excel but can't work it out in crystal

    Hi all,
    I am after a formula for the following. This is in excel writing for my formula. Anyway a little bit about my spreadsheet and that is l work in a warehouse and l am looking at what expiry dates of a product is in our bulk location of our warehouse and then also looking at what is in our pickface of our warehouse and have a formula for the days currently to give the number of days in numbers of course.

    Currently this is the result l have and need an formula for me please to just show me if the days left to expire in bulk rack (column D) is less than the pickface of column D again but in days. So where l have 277 days left for my pickface and in a bulk rack location l have stock that is 250 days left. So what l need is something to tell me that l have stock in a bulk rack location that has less days to expire than what is in the pickface.

    a b c d
    product id expiry date days left to expire pickface or bulk rack
    1. 456 24-feb-2013 277 pickface

    2. 456 02-apr-2013 314 Bulk rack

    3. 456 02-apr-2013 314 Bulk rack

    4. 456 02-apr-2013 314 Bulk rack

    5. 456 02-feb-2013 250 Bulk rack

    Any way for crystal how do l write it. The tables l am using is product id, expiry date, days formula is written as EXPIRY_DATE} - CurrentDate, pickface or bulk location is called zone code in my table. So l am using three tables to run the query which are linked together.

    So what l am after is how do l write an formula for if days (column C) is less than the bulk rack (column D). The pickface and bulk rack are from the same table which is called zone code. do l need to repeat that table again for an formula to work? i only want to display where the days are less than the pickface from the bulk rack as we have stock in the bulk rack that is less days to expire stock go out of date then but equal to bulk rack? so in this case C5 is what l am after? So is C1 less than C2 to C5? Pickface only shows up once for each sku in my report also.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to self teach myself crystal reports for a couple of years now and slowly getting there.
    look at my pdf report attached and you will see what l mean bottom of the page.
    Thanks very much Chris.
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