I have an Access database set up on a local server and different workstations in my group have access to this database. Two of the users (out of 10) have an issue with currentProject.Connection.

It will not process. The output of the following line remains empty.
msgbox currentProject.Connection
When I try this on any of the working computers, I get an valid output connection string. On the other computers it outputs an empty string.

On the non-working computers, the only connection string I can see is when I use:
msgbox currentProject.BaseConnectionString
Below is the relevant code. Notice the msgbox's with comments describing the outputs on the non-working computers.

Dim rsCust As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim sSQL As String

sSQL = "SELECT tblPlanStory.[ReferenceNumber],  tblPlanStory.[BaseCase], " _
  & "tblPlanStory.[ContingenciesofConcern], tblPlanStory.[CriteriaDocumentation], " _
  & "tblPlanStory.[Location], tblPlanStory.[Oneline], tblPlanStory.[ProjectDescription], " _
  & "tblPlanStory.[ProjectType], tblPlanStory.[PurposeandNecessity], " _
  & "tblPlanStory.[RelatedProjects], tblPlanStory.[ShortandLongTermbenefits], " _
  & "tblPlanStory.[ProjectCategory],  tblGeneralInformation.PlannerName, tblGeneralInformation.DateJustified, " _
  & "tblGeneralInformation.[Title] " _
  & "FROM tblGeneralInformation INNER JOIN tblPlanStory ON tblGeneralInformation.[ReferenceNumber] = tblPlanStory.[ReferenceNumber]" _
  & "WHERE (tblGeneralInformation.ReferenceNumber) = " _
  & "'" & Forms!formHome![RefNumber] & "'"

msgBox currentProject.Connection 'outputs empty string
msgBox currentProject.AccessConnection 'outputs empty string
msgbox currentProject.IsConnected ' outputs True
msgbox currentProject.BaseConnectionString 'outputs valid base connection string

rsCust.Open sSQL, CurrentProject.Connection 'fails to open
All of our computers were ordered around the same time and have minimal differences. Where else can I be looking to determine why currentProject.Connection isn't working on certain computers?