Hello comrades

Need urgent help...We have a legacy application here, which uses Cold Fusion, iPlanet and Sybase 8.02 as a data-base.

The server which is a Windows 2000 server crashed last night. Now, we need to re-create the application but as no Windows 2000 servers are available, we need to re-build the app/ db on 2003.

Whilst I have been able to install most of the other stuff, Sybase 8 is being a bit of a pain.

After I install the base installer, and the V8.02 patch and the EBF patch, and then open Sybase central, the 'Services' icon in the left pane doesn't appear. I need this for creation a data-base service. Without this, I am unable to proceed any further...I have tried this on two Windows 2003 servers, and the same problem.

What is interesting is that there is another test server (for another app) which uses the same Sybase version, and has the 'Services' tab available...This rules out OS compatibility.

I uninstalled and installed Sybase on the latter test server, and this time, no services are coming up...screwed!!

Can you pls suggest any way out of this...