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    Unanswered: Record is too large. (Error 3047).


    I am creating a Access 2007 db based on a questionnaire with long text answers. I received this message and managed to delete the offending record and change some of the text fields to memo fields.

    I have received the error again, but I am a bit stuck this time. It looks like a number of my records are too large and unfortunately they have child records, so I can't just delete them. I can't change the records as I just get the same message again and I can't change more text fields to memo fields as I get the same message.

    Is there any way round this? Would it help to split the main table into 2 smaller tables?

    Hope I have given enough info for someone to help me.


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    Did you re-do the relationships when you changed the table structures? I don't think that they change automatically. You have to delete the tables and re-make the relationship from scratch.


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