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    Unanswered: Access Front End Tracking Tables

    Access 2007 FE with SharePoint 2010 BE lists

    The Access 2007 FE is saved to a document library on the Sharepoint site for the users to go and download. Right now I have them doing a read only downloaded and not saving the Access FE to their computer (except temporarily). This is fine for now, but as the FE file gets larger and more use, this method will grow old. My idea is to have the users download the FE file to their desktop or mydocuments folder and just use the application without having to go to the Sharepoint site. The problem that occurs is occasionally I will be updating the FE file and want to let users know (besides via mass email) that they do not have the most up to date FE. I have an idea of what I want to do but I do not have enough Access knowledge to implement the idea.

    I was thinking I could use two tables:
    1 local FE table to store the "version" of the users FE file
    1 Sharepoint list to store the "version" of the most up to date FE file

    This is where I get lost:
    How can I compare the version value for those two tables? Is this possible?

    I want my end result to be:
    When the version values are found to be different, I want to trigger a form to open that says the users does not have the most up to date FE file and provides them the hyperlink to the sharepoint site.

    I am looking for some guidence on what type of query to use (if any) and what trigger event I could use.

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    you could do that
    or you could look at the code bank in this forum and see if the method of distributing your front end could work with that code.
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