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    I am relatively new to database design and I would really appreciate opinions in regards to a new database design I am working on. The situation is: I will be constructing a web application for different states and there is information that is supposed to be collected for all the states but also information that is only supposed to be collected for specific states. For example: for Florida I'll have (info1, info2 and info3), for Washington, I'll have (info2, info3, info4 and info5), for New York, I'll have (info1, info2, and info3), for Colorado I'll have (info3, and info4), etc.

    The only solution I could come up with was to have a big table with (info1, info2, info3, info4, info5, info6, etc) as columns and then I'll have NULL for those states that have no information for this columns. But then, I thought what if there are a lot of states and the information is really different among them...

    I would really appreciate if someone could give me any idea about how to tackle this situation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How much information will be collected for all states?
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